an image ´╗┐We are specialized in precision mechanics from much more than a century and since the 1994 only in horology. The workplace is equipped with lathers (VDF, LEINEN, BOLEY, SD 110, SCHAUBLIN), milling machines (ACIERA F4, F1), grinding machines (LIP), spot welders (HAUSER), sensitive drills (OLIVETTI,GALSHUETTE). We are also specialized in parts reparations and reconstruction of marine chronometers and deck watches of the most prestigious houses.The quality of the work has been recognized and appreciated also from the museum of Glashuette and of dr.Crott of Mannheim auctions house. We can perform also estimations, historical searches and purchases on a commission basis on international auctions for wrist and pocket watches, marine chronometers, officiers and ancient pendulum clocks.